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Thoughts from Tom -


FALL 2017                          





       It's that time again, to clean out the gutters and to rake away the leaves from the foundation.  Time to put away the patio furniture or to wrap it for the winter, and let’s not forget about the ceramic and terra cotta pots, they should be put away to ensure another year of enjoyment.  Most importantly though, it's time to winterize your irrigation system.  Take the time now to make sure you’ve been scheduled.  Letters have been mailed with an appointment date for you, please call our office if you haven’t received your letter, and be sure to add it to your calendar.


      We start winterizing systems in the middle of October and usually complete the blow outs by Thanksgiving.  If you have new shrubs or you are re-seeding you may want to consider a later turn off, but if you are done watering, just turn the controller to off and we will winterize the system on your prescheduled date. Typically the ground doesn't freeze until after Thanksgiving, although you never know what Mother Nature has in store for us.


       Have clear access to the clock and turn off the water.  If you had any problem areas during the past watering season, please let us know so we can correct them next spring.


       Lastly this time of the year can get quite cold. Make sure if cold temperatures are forecasted you turn off your sprinklers. Every year, it seems that some people forget to turn their systems off during freezing temperatures. We’ve seen many properties become an “ice world" after an early freeze.  It’s really quite beautiful but it wreaks havoc with shrubs and is dangerous on the sidewalks, roads and could cause accidents. Just simply turn off your clock.


Any questions? We are here to help. Wishing you all a wonderful fall!

Tom Tracey